who "ei" am

(and how “ei” got here)

Where's Papa going with that sewing machine and stack of loose-leaf paper? 

. . . down to the basement to teach his daughter to sew straight, of course. 


Since then my sewing has always been pretty straight, but the direction my life has taken has been pretty crooked. Let's just say that in the navigation system of life, the GPS lady and I have gotten into a few smackdowns.

I guess my route was a bit irregular from the starting point. I mean, how many other little girls do you know that were taught to sew by their production manager dad? Also, unlike many other children that grow up to become author/illustrators, books and crayons were easily pried from my chubby little hands. Although I did write a wonderful little tome in elementary school titled The Life of the Lonely Shoelace which was greeted with much critical acclaim, I was more interested in designing clothes for my muse, Barbie. Thanks to me, she was always camera ready for the fabulous world of haute couture.

Fast forward through my wonder years and I am standing where my two roads diverged. Thinking that the right one for me was Seventh Avenue, I arrived there after graduating from both F.I.T. and Cornell. Eventually, I discovered that fashion was not my passion. This where the GPS lady started showing her annoyance. Up to this point I had been such a dutiful traveler. I wandered around for a while, trying my hand at craft shows--"recalculating,” teaching nursery school--”Recalculating!!” and working at a fabric store--”RECALCULATING!!!”

Much of this time, my husband and I were raising our two sons who were, and still are, a constant source of joy, inspiration, and material. Also, it was a bittersweet case of serendipity that the unfortunate events that led me to becoming the reigning “Queen of Eulogies” showed me just how much I could touch the toughest heart with my writing.

It took me a long while and a lot of chocolate to truly understand the expression that all who wander are not lost. It was all life's recalculations that pointed me in the direction of my North Star--writing. When I am writing the sun can go down and I will continue writing in the dark.

I also love to illustrate children’s books. For my illustrations, the material I work with is fabric (pun intended). The method I use is a variation of the quilting process using fusible web, sewing, and embellishments in a colorful and humorous style that I like to call “Modern Homespun.”


In so many ways, my stories and pictures are the concrete manifestation of who I am and the long and winding road I took to get here.


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